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How to create a sharedspace listing

  1. Log into your sharedspace account Sharedspace Login. If you do not have one already, create a sharedspace account here.

  2. Click on create new listing at the top right of the account section. Create new listing button

  3. You will need to fill out each step with the details of your listings to be published online. Listing create screen

  4. After the first 2 steps, you will can upload up to 10 images per listing,virtual tours and embeded videos for premium and gold listings. To check out how to upload virtual tours and videos check out this guide.

  5. Once you have finished filling out each step, you will be able to review the information entered through a listing preview. If you are happy with what you see then you can contiue at the bottom of the page or go back and edit your listing.

  6. If you are ready to put your listing online, you will need to select a plan to have your listing on. The plans range from a standard listing up to a gold listing. Once you have selected your plan you will be taken to the payment page. Listing select plan

  7. You will need to enter in your payment information and click or tap on the green ‘PAY NOW’. Listings payment screen

  8. Good news! Your listing is now online with You will receive your invoice to the email address connected to your account.

  9. Now you can go back to your account and see your live listing. You can edit and manage your listings from this page.

Having issues?

If you have any issues, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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