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Want someone else in your team to receive email enquiries from your listings. Add a team member and assign them to specific listings.

Add a team member on sharedspace

  1. Log into your sharedspace account Sharedspace Login. If you do not have one already, create a sharedspace account here.

  2. Click on the Team button the left hand side. Team menu

  3. To add a team member input the email address of the user plus the name. Clicking the Add team member button will create a new user for your team member and send them an activation email. Add team member

  4. A modal will popup asking you to assign your new team member notification preferences. This is where you can select specific listings you want your team member to receive email enquiries for. Once you have selected the listings on the right hand side then you can click on Update Notifications at the bottom of the modal to store these preferences. Update notifications modal

  5. You should not see that your team member has been added to the list of users but will not be verified. If the team member didn't receive the email you can resend the email, edit the preferences or remove the user. The team member wont receive enquiries until they have been verified.

Unverified team member

  1. Once the user has been verified a verified tag will be added next to the users name.

Verified team member

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